Let’s Be Fictional- 7 Side Effects of Reading too Much!

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The Tea-Infused Typewriter

Come February 14th love is in the air as everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day with that special someone. Yet who ever said that only human relationships deserve a day of their own is sorely mistaken. There is a bond that is just as special. It’s the only love triangle with mutual feelings and a happy ending. That of readers, authors and books. Unlike other relationships, this one stands the test of time, forever immortalized in ink. Just like Aladdin takes Jasmine on a magic carpet ride to a whole new world, authors take their readers into their imagined world through their books. Ask any bibliophile and they would tell you that it is a gift like no other…with some surprises along the way.

The habit of avid reading comes with its own set of side effects. Here are some that ‘bookaholics’ often experience:

Obsession with Fictional Characters  

Authors write…

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What to Read #5

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Medusa's Library

Today my recommendation is going to take a slightly darker turn.  Well, not that Pride of Baghdad wasn’t a little bit dark, but this is darker even than that.  serial killerMy recommendation this week is I Am Not a Serial Killer by Dan Wells.  Despite the books he writes, Dan is a very nice guy and close personal person-I-met-at-a-convention-one-time.  Also, I got him carrot cake when he came to do a signing at my bookstore, so I think we’re pretty close.  And I’ve promised to make him a bacon pecan pie if he ever makes it back down this way.  (I buy love with baked goods, what can I say.  Would you like a pie?  Lemon squares?  I can make you cookies!  Please love me.)
monsterBut enough about me, let’s talk about John Wayne Cleaver.  He’s just your average, young, high school student who happens to fit the psychological profile…

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5 Activities that Make You a Better Writer

Of all the articles I’ve read about becoming a better writer this one actually helps.

Jon Negroni

5 Activities That Make You A Better Writer

Instead of telling you how to improve your writing, let’s talk about what you can be doing right now to get better…

Being a writer is tricky, especially if you’re actively seeking out ways to improve your skill. I know that every time I go online to find advice on writing, hundreds of experts are going to tell me hundreds of different things.

I don’t feel like doing that today. Instead of telling you how to improve your writing, I want to give some tangible advice on what you can be doing right now to get better at writing.

See, I learn better through experience, and a lot of you may be the same way. Here are the activities that I find myself doing all of the time (and things I’ve been doing for a long time) that have been a tremendous influence on my growth as a writer.


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The Art of the Open Letter

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The Daily Post

The open letter. You’ve seen ’em before, I’m sure. If not, they can look something like this:

Dear Monday,

I must admit I’m never happy to see you. I dread you in the morning, and on the drive to work, and from what I see on my Facebook feed, no one else likes you, either.

Why you gotta be so gloomy?


Sure, it’s a silly example. But it’s a different, more creative approach than simply typing:

I have a bad case of the Mondays.

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Close your heart

The first ten words that came to mind were: Pick a battle close to your heart and fight it. Totally off the top of my head. I swear.

So by the haphazard musings of my mind I’ve come to write about how sometimes it is a form of solace when you no longer care about things, as morbid and depressing as that may sound. Because the truth can be sad and hard hitting. In this case it is an amalgamation of both.

In my senior year of high school, I had to take a few months off and missed a few mock papers in preparation for finals. I’m still not entirely sure what happened to me but what I do know is this. I was suffering from depression possibly brought on by the excessive pressure I was facing in school. I always get good grades and yet I never believe I will do well while everyone around me says I would definitely ace it. I just want to scream at people that I don’t always have it all figured out and that maybe their expectations are in fact way too high.

So essentially the few months I took off from school were filled with highs and lows. Initially it went from bad to worse before it got better. To be honest, I just took my mind off everything waiting for me back at school and focused on the good things in life. Because I came to realise that it is never as bad as it may seem. I just needed  to alter my perfectionist mind set. Normally I’m not one to appreciate the great outdoors since my primary occupation is that of a couch potato (I’m actually due for a promotion any day now 😉 but during my ‘break’ I used to just sit in the balcony, soak up the sun and just breathe in the fresh air, go for walks and sort of re orient how I saw myself. I realized I was so much more than a straight A student even though everyone else may see me as just that. I had to stop defining myself on other people’s terms and instead on my own.

So sometimes closing off can be a good thing, life changing in fact. Don’t always take things too seriously. Close your heart sometimes until you are truly ready to open it again. To open it to the right things.